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Analysis Of The General Prologue To The Canterbury Tales Essays

Order now. Hi there! Are you interested in getting a customized paper? Check it out! Though he does this, he preaches about being honorable and coveted, which is ironic giving that he himself is not being honorable by robbing the people of their money. Though hypocritical of taking money from the poor in order to maximize his wealth, the Pardoner is not a hypocrite as he openly explains his own wrongdoing and does not hide from the fact that he has to use his profession in order to cover up what he is really doing.

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Even if at somewhat hypocritical, the Pardoner demonstrates how good he is at his profession as he goes on with his tale of the three men that end up killing each other at the end due their own greed of money. His message could in hindsight not be taken seriously by any of the travelers listening to the tale, but the way he pieces the story somewhat makes the travelers forget what he stated in the beginning about his own greed as they are fully invested into his story.

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Though his message and tale are intriguing, you cannot say that he does not have a good point after hearing his tale about greed. One can also infer that although these vices are very malevolent, another attribute that he alludes to is honesty and that one must be honest to himself as well as others as he unveils his false practice that nobody else would dare to.

He is the antithesis of everything that a man of his religious status should be. He freely expresses his negative feelings about the priesthood, even though he is a man of God. Yet he himself is extremely greedy in his actions. Although the Pardoner clearly expresses his own improprieties to his audience, he is still hypocritical in that he assumes an important religious role that he is not worthy of.

Men of the cloth are supposed to be faithful servants of the lord. However, the Pardoner is far from this. Thus, the Pardoner is an example of a man who has lost his way due to the hypocrisy of his actions, which greatly depletes the meaning of his message.

The Pardoner carries out many sinful actions in The Canterbury Tales. This shows that the Pardoner also suffers from gluttony.

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However, the most appalling trait that the Pardoner possesses is his greed, which is exactly what he preaches against. What makes this situation even worse, is that the Pardoner is fully aware of how his actions and desires contradict his religious position. No, no! I would never think that truly! Pursuing this thought further, he is not hypocritical in that he divulges his true intentions to the other pilgrims; however, this does not mean that his daily actions are justified.

He has clearly been drinking excessively, which might have caused him to incidentally reveal his materialistic nature to the pilgrims, showing that this action of his was not a result of adhering to his moral compass. He still takes advantage of the religious folk whom he preaches to on a daily basis. Rather, the Pardoner is merely concerned with fattening his wallet. The fact that the Pardoner states that he is motivated by greed appears to be an act of candor.

This statement shows that even he, a man of God, is not perfect. He too possesses sinful qualities and makes mistakes. This builds upon his message by showing that greed is so strong of a force that it can corrupt the most angelic people in society, even those who come from a religious background. This also exemplifies the serious nature of the issue that he is preaching about. But, the reason for his honesty is highly suspicious.

Why does the Pardoner choose to express his feelings about the ministry and about his love for material objects?

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Therefore, he might not have intended to express this information to his audience, proving that his candor might not have been genuine. For me, his words prove that he himself is the very greedy sinner whom he warns others about This prevents me from seeing the logic behind his argument. I cannot take him or his tale seriously since he is no better than any other hypocritical sinner. He cannot successfully preach against an ideal that he himself wholeheartedly embodies. None of the pilgrims trust what he is saying; they recognize that he is only trying to rob them of their money for his own benefit. Let them be cut off! Moreover, the Pardoner is a man of many flaws. Despite the fact that he recognizes his own greed as the reason why he entered the ministry, his constant deception of those around him is a major issue.

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Robert S. Sturges, Maik Goth, Julia Geigenberger, Manning emphasizes the importance of oral imagery in the Pardoner's characterization. When the Pardoner is introduced in GP, 'we see him riding along with the Summoner, Caroline D. Eckhardt, The Pardoner's self-disclosure does not strain realism if Marilyn Sutton, This full colour guide includes: - detailed scene summaries and sections on themes, characters, form, structure, language and contexts - a dedicated 'Working with the text' section on how to write about texts for coursework and controlled Richard Swan, Shaun McCarthy,