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Put specific topics to study into each block so that you ensure that you have sufficient prep time set aside. Take a full-length practice test at the end of the week. Consider taking it in a library or similar location that will provided test-like conditions: no snacks or drinks during the test except for during breaks, no music, a quiet—but not silent—environment, and a test taken all in one sitting.

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Take another full-length practice test at the end of the week. Remember to take it in a test-like environment, and set aside time for review after you take it.

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Take a third full-length practice test at the end of the week. If you have time, travel to the testing center first to ensure you know how to get to the correct building, where to park, and which room your test will be in. Once again, begin your week by reviewing your practice test, looking over every question and using the results to modify your study plan.

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For the last few days before the test, spend time reviewing content areas in which you felt least confident during your studies. However, make sure to focus on material that you had trouble with the first time through but that you think you can master if you have a little more time—not the sections that have never really clicked for you. Take the day before the test completely off ; your brain needs to rest before the marathon of test-taking to come!

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Eat healthy, balanced meals and get a full night of rest so you are mentally and physically prepared for Test Day. On the day of the MCAT, wake up with plenty of time to spare, and be sure to eat breakfast before leaving to give your brain the fuel it needs.

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Download Now. Biochemistry : amino acids: proteins; enzymes and lipids Biology : cell biology; reproduction; embryogenesis and development; genetics and evolution General Chemistry : atomic and molecular structure; the periodic table and periodic trends; bonding and chemical interactions; stoichiometry Organic Chemistry : nomenclature; stereochemistry; bonding Physics : basic mathematics and dimensional analysis; kinematics; force, energy, and work Behavioral Sciences : biological basis of behavior; sensation and perception; learning and memory; cognition, consciousness, and language For test-like practice, use the AAMC Sample Questions and Sections and choose passages based on the content areas you have reviewed.

Biochemistry : lipid and amino acid metabolism; biological membranes; DNA structure, replication and repair; RNA structure, transcription, and translation Biology : the nervous system; the endocrine system; the respiratory system; and the cardiovascular system and blood General Chemistry : chemical kinetics; equilibrium; solutions; acids and bases Organic Chemistry : substitution reactions; oxidation and reduction; organic acids and bases; spectroscopy and separations; amino acids, ATP, and other biochemical compounds Physics : hydrostatics and fluid dynamics; waves and sound; light and optics; atomic and nuclear phenomena Behavioral Sciences : motivation, stress and emotion; identity and personality; psychological disorders; social processes, attitudes and behavior For test-like practice, use the AAMC Sample Questions and Sections and choose passages based on the content areas you have reviewed.

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Biochemistry : carbohydrates; glycolysis and glucose metabolism; oxidative phosphorylation and the electron transport chain; bioenergetics and regulation of metabolism Biology : the immune system; the digestive system; homeostasis and the excretory system; the musculoskeletal system General Chemistry : thermochemistry; gases; oxidation and reduction; electrochemistry Organic Chemistry : alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids and reactions Physics : thermodynamics; electrostatics and magnetism; circuits Behavioral Sciences : social interaction; social thought processes; social structure and demographics; social stratification For test-like practice, use the AAMC Sample Questions and Sections and choose passages based on the content areas you have reviewed.

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The Prerequisites for Medical School. How to Plan for Medical School in Undergrad.

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Today, Dr. Brett Ferdinand is known as a dynamic lecturer on the admissions process, and the basic sciences for the MCAT. He is well known for making difficult concepts easy to understand. Over the years, he has lectured to thousands of pre-medical students and reached thousands more through his books and now through online interactive programs. Hundreds of practice questions with answers and helpful explanations Over diagrams and illustrations Personal access code to 6 months of free online access to additional practice questions with helpful solutions Available now. US Medical Students. Premed College Board. Premed Honor Society. Non-Tradition Premeds. Premed Blog. Premed Advice.

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