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Gong J, Li, Q. Floral morphology and morphogenesis in Camptotheca Nyssaceae , and its systematic significance. Annals of Botany Cavalari de Paula O. Unbuttoning the ancestral flower of angiosperms. Trends in Plant Science Floral development of Berberidopsis beckleri Berberidopsidaceae — Unusual species or key to understanding the origin of the floral Bauplan in the core eudicots? Ronse De Craene L. Floral development of Medusagyne Medusagynaceae : spatial constraints of a stamen and carpel increase. International Journal of Plant Sciences Cao L. The floral organogenesis of Eurycorymbus cavaleriei Sapindaceae and its systematic implications.

Phytotaxa Thaowetsuan P. Floral morphology and anatomy of Ophiocaryon , a paedomorphic genus of Sabiaceae.

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Subfamilial and tribal relationships of Ranunculaceae: evidence from eight molecular marker. The significance of meristic changes in the flowers of Sapotaceae Juss. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Flora: Dos Santos P. Flora Floral meristematic size correlates with heterostylous morphs in two Chilean Oxalis Oxalidaceae species.

How flowers play with numbers. Obdiplostemony: the transitional stage between two robust floral developmental pathways. Ronse De Craene, L. In: J. Kadereit and V. Bittrich eds. The families and genera of vascular plants XIV. Berlin, Springer Verlag, pp. Floral Development of Sabia Sabiaceae : evidence of derivation of pentamery from a trimerous ancestry.

American Journal of Botany: American Journal of Botany Taxon Flower morphology and anatomy of Sabia Sabiaceae : insight in an advanced pollination system among basal eudicots. At the swing of a pendulum: reversals from monosymmetry to radial symmetry are a frequent phenomenon in angiosperms. Tokyo Gakugei Univ. Origin and evolution of petals in the angiosperms. Plant Ecology and Evolution Pollen morphology and ultrastructure of selected species from Annonaceae. Plant Systematics and Evolution Damerval C.

Asymmetric morphogenetic clues along the transverse plane — shift from disymmetry to zygomorphy in the flower of Fumarioideae. How flowers excel in their hospitality: the evolution of papillate conical cells in petals is linked with accommodating the right visitors. Androecial evolution in Caryophyllales in light of a paraphyletic Molluginaceae. Reevaluation of the perianth and androecium in Caryophyllales: implications for flower evolution. Farrar J. To be or not to be a staminode: the floral development of Sauvagesia ochnaceae reveals different origins of presumed staminodes.

In: T. Berntsen and K.

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Alsvik, eds. Flowers, morphology, evolutionary diversification and implications for the environment. Nova Science Publishers, New York: May Wanntorp, L. Comparative floral ontogeny and morphology of Stimpsonia and Ardisiandra , two aberrant genera of the Primuloid clade of Ericales. Meng A.

Floral ontogeny of Stephania Menispermaceae : impact of floral organ reduction on flower symmetry. Jones K. Origin, diversification and evolution of Samolus valerandi Samolaceae, Ericales. Dos Santos, P. Micromorphological evidence for androecium origin of Claytonia Montiaceae petaloids. Modern Phytomorphology 1 1 Anatomical features associated with water transport in imperforate tracheary elements of vessel-bearing angiosperms.

Carpeloidy in flower evolution and diversification: a comparative study in Carica papaya and Arabidopsis thaliana.

Dr Louis Ronse De Craene

Flowers on the tree of life. Systematics Association Special volume Series Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Introduction: establishing the state of the art - the role of morphology in plant systematics.

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In: Wanntorp, L. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: Multiplications of floral organs in flowers - a case study in Conostegia Melastomataceae, Myrtales.

Flowers on the Tree of Life Systematics Association Special Volume Series

Bachelier, J. Comparative floral structure and development of Nitrariaceae Sapindales and systematic implications In: Wanntorp, L. Floral development of Napoleonaea Lecythidaceae , a deceptively complex flower. Floral development and anatomy of Aextoxicon punctatum Aextoxicaceae — Berberidopsidales — an enigmatic tree at the base of core eudicots. Floral ontogeny of Annonaceae: evidence for major floral diversity in Magnoliales.

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Floral ontogeny of Knema and Horsfieldia Myristicaceae : evidence for a complex androecial evolution. Floral diagrams. An aid to understand floral morphology and evolution. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Perianth evolution in the Sandalwood order Santalales. Jabbour, F.

Taxonomy and systematics: contributions to benthology and J-NABS

Establishment of zygomorphy on an ontogenic spiral and evolution of perianth in the tribe Delphinieae Ranunculaceae. Floral development and anatomy of Salvadoraceae. Systematic Botany Morphology and anatomy of Meliosma Sabiaceae : implications for pollination biology. Are petals sterile stamens or bracts? The origin and evolution of petals in the core eudicots.

Haston, E. Inflorescence and floral development in Streptocarpus and Saintpaulia Gesneriaceae with particular reference to the impact of bracteole suppression. Flower development of Meliosma Sabiaceae - evidence for multiple origins of pentamery in the eudicots. The systematic relationships of glucosinolate-producing plants and related families: a cladistic investigation based on morphological and molecular characters.

Caris, P. Floral ontogeny of Cneorum tricoccon Rutaceae.

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  6. Evolution of floral characters in the genus Gunnera. Systematic Botany 31 4 : Floral developmental evidence for the systematic position of Batis L. The Gunnera flower: key to eudicot diversification or response to pollination mode?