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She said Cathay had asked her if she suspected anybody had tampered with the tank. The attendant said she thought that the company fired her for being unwilling to tell on others. Two other former Cathay Pacific flight attendants who also insisted on anonymity said they were both fired without explanation after the company asked them if some social-media posts involving political comments were made by them. One said the posts were not made by her but by an account that used her profile photo without her knowing, but the company dismissed her despite her explanations.

Sex Abuse Plaintiffs Fight Jesuit Efforts to Reveal Names

Updates with comments from former employees starting in ninth paragraph. An earlier version of this story corrected the number of dismissals. To contact the reporters on this story: Kyunghee Park in Singapore at kpark3 bloomberg. To contact the editors responsible for this story: Ville Heiskanen at vheiskanen bloomberg.

For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg. Search News Search web. Kyunghee Park and Shirley Zhao. Story continues. What to Read Next.

Bon Appetit. See this overview article defending the practice in Business Jet Traveler. And planes can be re-registered sometimes with ID number changes. Ease of registration, privacy and tax benefits are key considerations. The Isle of Man is one popular aircraft registration jurisdiction, providing a way to escape EU taxes, according to a report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Other favored registration places are Aruba , Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. When jets are leased, a common practice, it is nearly impossible to learn who is paying for a specific flight. Her investigation found that the jet was registered in Austria. Who paid for the flights is unknown; the jet is operated by International Jet Management GmbH, an Austrian company specializing in operating business jets.

Other government records may prove useful, particularly those dealing with aviation safety. Accident reports might provide additional ownership detail. National agencies in charge of flight safety may disclose records of crashes and inspections. The Aviation Safety Network ASN is a private, independent initiative that maintains an online database on accidents and safety issues with regard to airliners, military transport planes and corporate jets. The ASN Safety Database contains detailed descriptions of over 20, incidents, hijackings and accidents.

Sexual Abuse Plaintiffs Fight Jesuit Efforts to Reveal Their Identities

ASN has an international list of accident investigation boards. Other US a gency records, such as purchasing and contracting records, also offer potential sources of information for stories on government planes. BuzzFeed used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain information showing how the Drug Enforcement Administration transferred registrations to disguise the size of its fleet.

However, additional information can be found in two other reports. The other is the airworthiness certificate, which documents modification and repairs. Among other things, the certificates show what alterations were made, such as drilling holes in the fuselage to install cameras. A few sites exist that collect information on the private planes of important people in business and government.

And much more can be found on Google. The Private Jet Owners Register is a selective list of the planes of prominent people in the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom and other countries, run by a person who prefers to remain anonymous, and who also runs www. AirCharterService keeps a list of planes used by major world leaders, with pretty detailed descriptions. Dictator Alert is a Twitter bot that tracks planes registered to authoritarian regimes landing and leaving Geneva Airport.

The results are posted on Twitter and Facebook. Pilet is a freelance investigative journalist based in Switzerland and co-founder of the news agency vesper. Freudenthal is a freelance investigative journalist based in Africa. The list of tracked planes is based on public sources and official registers. You can download the current list of tracked planes as an Excel file. What do presidents and kings fly?

See a list maintained on Wikipedia. A lot can be gleaned from using the public tools on flight tracking sites. These sites provide application programming interfaces APIs to facilitate use of the information. It may be necessary to get a subscription to receive alerts when specific planes take off.

More ambitious projects will require getting access to data and refining it with custom programming.

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Arranging to get data from the major tracking services, as previously noted, is possible. To work with bulk flight tracking data you will usually need some expertise with a programming language like R or Python to process and analyze it. If you have a very large amount of data, you will probably need to store it in a database. PostgreSQL is good for that because of its PostGIS extension, which allows you to store the data as geographical objects and run spatial queries on it — for example turning point data on transponder detections into lines showing aircraft tracks.

Later he used machine learning to identify further spy planes , by training an algorithm on the data for FBI and DHS planes.


For more details see this explanation. Image: Courtesy BuzzFeed. There are some wrinkles to be considered when using flight data. But connecting the data dots that show a plane descending toward an airport provides virtually certain evidence about when and where a plane has landed. Another complication is that in places with spotty ASD-B coverage, such as over the Sahara desert, signals may disappear.

No receivers, no data.

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The plane may reappear later. Purposeful avoidance is also a possibility. Pilots can turn off the transponder. It might not be legal, or safe, but this effectively avoids ADS-B tracking.

US Moving to Continue Aviation Anonymity Option; Mostly

Knowing about flight routes is not the same as knowing who was on the plane or why the trip was made. In many ways, flight information provides major clues. Verification and further fact-finding is required to develop the tips. Avi Scharf , editor of Haaretz English Edition in Israel, who regularly tweets about military flight movements, wrote a story in October of that sparked an uproar.

Sharf reported an unusual flight of a private business jet to Islamabad from Tel Aviv. Several weeks later, a reporter for Middle East Eye located airport staff witnesses who confirmed the landing. Leaked information helped them confirm who was on the flight.