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Doctor Camdon brought his fingers to her bare pubic mound and began applying pressure and inspecting her with circular motions. Lynden was becoming wet. They bypassed her clit and moved down to her pussy lips.

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Doctor Camdon thoroughly examined her fat lips. He ran his fingers over every crevice of them, which was driving Lynden mad. Then his fingers made their way back up to her clit. Lynden held her breath while he gently pinched and squeezed her swollen nub. Next Dr. Camdon trailed one finger from her clit down into her slit. Then he entered her with two fingers and felt around.

He removed his fingers from her to once again dig in his bag. He brought out a shiny metal speculum and a tube of KY. She watched as he squirted a large amount of jelly onto his glove. Then he began coating her vagina with the jelly. His hand felt so good sliding all over her cunt.

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Camdon parted her lips and squeezed a glob of jelly into her cunt. He then entered his fingers inside her and coated her inside walls with the jelly, to prepare her for the tool that would spread her and invade her. Lynden braced herself as she felt the cold speculum at her lips.

Lynden lifted her hips off the bed as he entered her with the tool. It was quite large and her pussy was resisting it. Lynden screamed as it penetrated her. Now the doctor began opening the clamp and spreading her. Lynden liked the sensation. It was a little painful but being opened wider and wider by the doctor made her horny.

While the speculum was inside her, he performed a pap smear. After he was finished he removed the speculum and took off his gloves. Everything looks good, so I am going to move on to the next part. I want you to try and forget that this is a professional test and let the awkwardness subside. Ultimately I would like to have you orgasm for me.

That way I will know that you are perfectly healthy sexually. I am going to use some very erotic techniques, so please stop me at any time if you want me to stop. Lynden nodded her head unable to speak. Camdon began by entering two fingers into her already very lubrictated cunt. He worked his fingers in and out of her.

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Lynden closed her eyes and laid her head back enjoying the sensation. The doctor slid a third finger into her and pushed deep inside her. Lynden was coming closer to orgasm with every thrust of his fingers, but then he removed them and began digging in his damn bag again. Once the item was pushed into her she knew it was a dildo. A very big dildo that filled her up.

The doctor began fucking her with the dildo. He would slowly pull it out of her and then slam it back inside. Fuck me harder, she begged.

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Camdon was very turned on by her response. He loved the sight of her pussy wrapped tight around the dildo. He began fucking her rapidly with the tool. He fucked her with it until she was screaming and he was right on the verge of cummingand then he removed it. He greedily lapped up her cum and fucked her with his tongue. Lynden pushed his face into her throbbing pussy. She aggressively humped his face. Fuck me. I want you inside me.

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Camdon, unzipped his pants and plunged into her. Hardon treats his naughty patient like a disobedient pet - and that's exactly how Miss Hartly likes it.

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The dominant but gentle Doctor gives her the discipline, structure and punishment she craves - from flogging to clamping, and the deep, degrading backdoor rinse that leaves her spanking clean. Now it's time for the Doctor to shave his patient bare between her legs - silky and smooth, fresh and new: her very first shearing. But can the patient withstand being this vulnerable to the Doctor - or will the blissful indignity prove too much for her to take? Spread and exposed, helpless in the Doctor's hands, Miss Hartly is about to find out.

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Disciplined by the Doctor Dr. Hardon has a special treat for his favorite little patient: a state-of-the-art medical device for full-body training and stimulation, shipped straight from Germany. But when disobedient Miss Hartly arrives late to the clinic, the Doctor knows she needs discipline first. Clamping, spanking, and a deep cleanse bring Miss Hartly into line. Plugged, filled, and flogged, she submits to the dominant older Doctor's orders - and to her own cravings.

But will the patient behave herself long enough to earn the Doctor's high-tech, all-holes reward?

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Or will she keep misbehaving, just to see what punishment will come next? Displayed by the Doctor Dr. Hardon is delighted with the progress of his favorite little patient. Through a carefully designed program of pleasure and pain, punishment and reward, humiliation and adoration, his naughty pet has become obedient and fulfilled. So when a team of visiting medical-device industrialists from Germany asks to observe her treatments, the Doctor is excited at the chance to show her off. Miss Hartly is also eager to be publicly displayed, and getting a deep backdoor cleanse and a thorough filling in front of an audience seems simple enough.

But is she ready to be poked, prodded and flogged by six doctors she's never even met? For mature readers only.

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